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Day Off Vibes (2018) - in production

16mm, Color, Sound

A rumination on the pressures of being productive


On Our Way (2017)

Super 8mm, Color, Sound
Dedicated to my grandmother this short uses the last voicemail

she left on my phone before she passed away

Obsidian Glaze (2016)

Super 8mm, Color, Sound

A mysterious encounter attempts to communicate with strange images

Reverie At Noon (2016)

16mm, Color, Sound
Inspired by the summer heat and a newfound obsession with ASMR

A Ritual Phantasm (2015)

Super 8mm & 16mm, Color, Sound
Super 8mm footage was
an experiment shot in 2015,16mm hand

painted segments were made during a 2016 workshop with Japanese

experimental filmmaker Makino Takashi


Kaigan (2015)

Super 8mm, Color, Sound

An attempt to remove tourists from a tropical landscape, returning it to its natural state

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